Sell A House In San Francisco

Written by Robert Mac
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If you sell a house in San Francisco right now, you could pretty much retire anywhere you wanted. Since the median house price in the Bay Area is $647,300, you could expect to get something in that ballpark if you were to sell. Then you could buy three homes at the national median price, and still have some money left over for whatever it is that retired people do.

How to Sell a House in San Francisco

Don't sell a house in San Francisco by yourself, that's for sure. While your brother-in-law may remind you that For Sale By Owner properties don't have to pay agents any closing fees, you can remind him that FSBOs aren't listed in the online Multiple Listing Services, which many serious buyers use. You don't want to cut corners and remove yourself from a crucial part of the market.

A listing not only gets the word out about your house, but it also validates the property. San Francisco has an extremely costly housing market: the buyers, sellers, and agents are a bit more serious because the prices are so expensive. The stakes are definitely higher and if you want your property to be taken seriously, you're expected to have it represented properly.

Plus, it would unwise to avoid having a realtor on your side when it's time to accept offers and make counter-offers. If you want to sell a house in San Francisco, the people who know best are local real estate brokers. They know the ins and outs of the business, the market, and the neighborhoods--how much of that do you know?

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