Sell Real Estate In San Francisco

Written by Robert Mac
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Sell real estate in San Francisco--some of the most expensive in the entire country--and laugh your way to the bank. During the height of the dot com boom, for instance, office space in downtown San Francisco was leasing at a higher rate than in Manhattan, the traditional national leader. While that boom has since busted, Bay Area realty is still a prized asset--as it always has been.

San Francisco has been an international destination for 150 years, when the Gold Rush attracted gold-seekers from around the globe. But it's always been a small place: it sits at the windy tip of a long peninsula. And you know the theory of supply and demand--once the demand for land in the city was created, the scant supply created high prices.

Buy and Sell Real Estate in San Francisco Like It's 1849

Here's a classic example: in 1846, just before the Gold Rush, a small plot of land in San Francisco sold for $16.50. Three years later, during the peak of the Gold Rush, the same lot sold for $45,000. If you sell real estate in San Francisco, you might not make that kind of profit, but you'll still do well.

A number of other contributing factors play into the high prices and inspire people to sell real estate in San Francisco. It's a cultural, financial, and technological hub. Its access to nature--the Redwood Forest, Tahoe, and Yosemite--gives it a great location. As they say in San Francisco, it's the best place on earth--and if you have land there you can profit handsomely from it.

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