Sherman Oaks Homes

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Sherman Oaks is a small community located right around the 405/101 interchange near Los Angeles, California. Sherman Oaks is largely comprised of homes, but it also has a few thriving shopping districts. The Sherman Oaks Galleria lies at the center of this district, featuring several popular shops and restaurants.

Housing in Sherman Oaks is located in two main locations. The area north of Ventura Boulevard is fairly flat. Smaller neighborhood homes are found here next to several apartment complexes. The area south of Ventura Boulevard climbs into the hills. Homes in these hills are considerably more expensive than their ground-level counterparts, though their stunning views are well worth their cost.

Sherman Oaks is a popular shopping destination for many residents of the San Fernando Valley. Shoppers flock to the dozens of colorful shops and restaurants that line Ventura Boulevard. No matter what you're looking for, exotic birds, clothes, books, a hamburger, or a HUMMER, you can find it on Ventura Boulevard.

Traffic in the Sherman Oaks Area

Traffic in Sherman Oaks can range from light to gut-wrenchingly horrible. The 405/101 interchange is widely regarded as one of the most heavily congested highway intersections in the world. Rush hour traffic often spills out into Sherman Oaks' side streets, clogging up Ventura Boulevard and essentially shutting down all traffic into and out of the city for a few hours each day. However, once everyone is either at work or at home, Sherman Oaks becomes much easier to get around. Since it is a largely flat area, roads and freeways don't have to snake around large natural structures the way many of LA's surrounding cities do.

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