Silver Lake Real Estate

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Much like plots in neighboring Los Feliz, Silver Lake real estate has witnessed a dramatic boom in just the past decade. This former hub of early Hollywood (Roy and Walt Disney began their empire here on Hyperion Avenue) is still home to denizens of "the biz," even if a decidedly non-industry element has crept in. For many, this is the greatest appeal of Silver Lake real estate.

Residents of Silver Lake often describe the feeling of being in an "actual" city such as New York or Chicago, even if San Francisco and London are probably more fitting examples. By this, they mean to say the city is eminently walkable and that the feeling of community is palpable. Throughout much of Hollywood and especially the affluent west side, homeowners grumble about the fragmented and disjointed quality of the neighborhoods, a feeling that's largely absent in Silver Lake.

Bargains on Silver Lake Real Estate

Because the area is so detached from the Hollywood element, refugees from the industry often flee eastward looking for good buys. And good buys they find, not only along the major arteries of Silver Lake Boulevard and Sunset, but throughout the winding and tortuous hills that are Silver Lake's trademark. In fact, Silver Lake real estate is one of the last bastions of reasonable property values, as 300,000 and 400,000 dollars may fetch veritable houses, not 800-square-foot shanties with no furnishings.

Moreover, the cosmopolitan vibe of Silver Lake is a value-added proposition that constitutes one of the area's great intangibles. How can a homeowner assign a monetary value to the feasibility of walking to first-rate independent music stores, Thai and Indian restaurants, and cool bars and clubs? These attractions are what draw the primarily younger crowd east, as does one of the city's most visible gay and lesbian communities.

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