Southwestern Homes

Written by Jen Nichol
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Who doesn't eventually want to live in warm, gentle weather, in a friendly community devoted to the enjoyment of life? Whether your idea of quality living is hiking, golf, or just appreciating vivid, colorful sunsets as you sip iced tea on your deck, Southwestern homes provide all the good living you can dream of.

It isn't just the physical horizons that are endless. The opportunities to make new friends, learn new hobbies, and re-explore latent interests isn't easier anywhere else. The climate invites you to really explore and reach for your best, and the famed Southwestern lifestyle encourages you to release your cares and settle into a happier, gentler rhythm.

A Year-Round Invitation

In other places, people often feel cramped and confined in the winter months, as the weather starts to go bad. They find it difficult to feel healthy as their outdoor activities are curtailed, and the only pastime becomes watching television. In Southwestern homes, you don't lose several months a year to terrible weather.

Your health will improve, your interest in the great outdoors will take on a new, fresh appeal as you survey endless vistas of desert, mountains, forests, and streams. With the annual average temperatures in the mid-70s, your body will feel vibrant with new life, and will thank you every single day!

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