Temecula Real Estate

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Temecula Real Estate in Wine Country

Temecula real estate is in southern Riverside County, but it shares an intimate geographical connection with the north and east sections of San Diego County. With similar vegetation and terrain, Temecula is one of the fastest growing communities in the region. The fabulous weather--the temperature ranges from about 67 to 95 degrees!--also brings to mind the outdoor living possible throughout the inland areas of both counties.

It turns out this locale has a perfect climate for vineyards that grow award-winning wines! Some dedicated pioneers began to grow wine-producing grapes years ago, and today, Temecula is a name to be reckoned with among vintners! Regular tours take in wine tasting, meals, and other events at the local wineries.

Living and Commuting in Temecula

Although businesses and housing have mushroomed in recent years, one of the appeals of the town is its location along Interstate Highway 15 and near the junction of the 15 with Interstate Highway 215. These north-south interstates provide fast access to communities, work, and educational institutions from the Inland Empire of San Bernardino County to those in San Diego County! Coupled with great weather, rolling hills, and a colorful Old Town of its own, this strategic placement makes the attraction of Temecula thoroughly understandable.

New housing of all types is available, as the yearly increase in population demands development of the community and surrounding areas. Another reason for the increase is that real estate is cheaper in Temecula than in San Diego County, yet the town is close to all the great attractions of San Diego. Temecula real estate makes possible a wonderful environment for commuters, families, and anyone who loves a country setting with the amenities that a growing town provides. Like East San Diego County homes, including El Cajon homes and Santee homes, Temecula housing allows its residents to enjoy the natural surroundings that are a part of living in a favored region.

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