Tustin Hills Real Estate

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Along with helping you buy or sell a home, the greatest gift your Tustin Hills real estate agent can give you is excellent advice. This advice will be especially helpful to first or second-time buyers, or folks who have not bought or sold a home in a very long time. Your Tustin Hills real estate agent will fully understand the significance of additional costs, for instance.

Moving into a house isn't cheap. After saving up for that gargantuan down payment, you'd think your financial responsibilities would be taken care of for awhile. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you buy a home, you have to consider all sorts of additional costs. Factor them into your budget ahead of time, or you may find yourself in a very tight financial situation the moment you become a home owner.

The Additional Costs of Buying Real Estate

You will likely be required to have the property you want to buy appraised and surveyed. Your lending institution may also add your property taxes into your monthly mortgage payment, or ask that you show proof of payment on property taxes each year. You'll be required to buy insurance for your new home.

You may have to pay another type of insurance as well, known as mortgage loan insurance. Moving itself can be rather expensive, as can setting up your new utilities. Your tax situation will also change. You may have to pay taxes for improvements the local government has made to your area, and you'll also have to pay a land transfer tax.

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