Upland Real Estate

Written by Amy Hall
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Upland real estate has been holding steady, as this city is located in one of the most desirable counties in the Los Angeles area, San Bernardino. This magnificent city is located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains/San Bernardino Mountains, and is about a 30 mile commute to Los Angeles. While Upland has continued to grow and evolve as a modern community, it stills holds on to the charm and appeal of a town from days past.

The Upland Town Center is a wonderful place to take a leisurely stroll, as well as browse through some quaint antique stores and boutiques. There are also wonderful restaurants located in the town center that can satisfy your hunger as you window shop. Every Thursday evening, the Second Avenue Farmers Market is held at the Town Center, which offers a whole host of organic produce, flowers, and other great finds.

Booming Upland Real Estate

Because Upland has an ideal location in close proximity to Los Angeles, the Upland real estate market has been on a steady climb upward. The Palm Springs resorts are only a one hours drive to the east, and to the west, the beautiful beaches are only a short drive away. Upland homes have kept up with the markets nationally, and therefore there is much competition for buyers.

You can check out Upland homes for sale by doing a little bit of research on the Worldwide Web. There are some fantastic sites that go into greater detail about the Upland real estate market, as well as attractions and opportunities for the area as well. Upland is truly one of the most lovely cities in the foothills of the San Gabriel/San Bernardino Mountains, with lots to do and see.

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