West Covina Real Estate

Written by Abby Luttrell
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West Covina was incorporated in 1923, when the community was little more than a group of farmers that tended their orange and walnut groves on the slopes of the San Gabriel Mountains. Little changed in West Covina through the sixties, when its rural nature was preserved. Now West Covina real estate is not orchards any more, but the town still preserves its sense of identity and independence.

The principal business in West Covina now is retail merchandising, and the average West Covina real estate unit is single family detached housing. West Covina in 2003 is a snapshot of middle America--middle class, well-maintained neighborhoods. It's got a low vacancy rate at 3.27%--nobody wants to leave!

But, why should they? West Covina has affordable housing, accessible freeways, competitive land prices and rental rates, a strong clientele base and a skilled labor pool. Plus, all those lovely homes with the mature orange orchard trees in the backyard.

Affordable West Covina Real Estate

And West Covina real estate is still going at very affordable prices, despite the general hot housing market in the Los Angeles real estate center. West Covina real estate is competitive and under-priced compared to neighboring Diamond Hills real estate and Phillips Ranch real estate. With historically low mortgage rates, an investment in a West Covina home for sale is a sure thing.

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