Westlake Village Homes

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Westlake Village is an affluent and scenic community in Los Angeles County located north of the city of Los Angeles. Residents of Westlake Village enjoy freedoms like elbowroom and a serene planned community centered around a manmade lake. In addition to these amenities, Westlake Village residents enjoy proximity to downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood, which they can travel to for work or play. Westlake Village also has its own business district where many large companies hold offices.

Westlake Village, as of the 2000 census, is 89.7 percent white, .82 percent African American and 4.61 percent Hispanic or Latino of any race. Out of 3,270 households, 65.8 percent are married couples living together. Of these households 32.3 percent have children 18 or younger living with them and 23.8 percent are non-families.

The per capita income for Westlake Village is $49,569 and the median income for a household is $94,571. The number of people below the poverty line is very low, at 2.5 percent. Males in Westlake Village earn a median income of $88,179 and females earn a median income of $38,568.

History of Westlake Village

In 1770, Captain Gaspar de Portola and a group of Spanish explorers and missionaries set up camp in the area that would become Westlake Village. Father Juan Crespi, who served as chaplain for the expedition, wrote of the beauty of the area that today's Westlake Village residents enjoy. "We are on a plain of considerable extent and much beauty," Father Crespi wrote, "forested on all parts by live oaks and oak trees, with much pasturage and water."

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