Woodland Hills Homes

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Woodland Hills is a community in the city of Los Angeles. Residents prize the tree-lined streets and quiet neighborhoods with proximity to downtown Los Angeles. Businesses enjoy the benefits of being in the Los Angeles area without a lot of the hassles and exorbitant real estate prices businesses in downtown Los Angeles incur.

With the severe crowding of Los Angeles County, the boundaries of the Greater Los Angeles Area keep getting pushed farther and farther out, as do those in search of quieter neighborhoods and safe streets. Woodland Hills is one of the few remaining places in the San Fernando Valley that can offer a reasonable amount of escape from the city. The convenience of living close to the city and the privilege of living in a serene setting are hard to come by in Los Angeles.

History of Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills was first inhabited by the Chumash Indians. These natives most likely hunted small game like rabbits and collected acorns and grains for food. The Chumash practiced advanced agricultural techniques like setting controlled burns every few years to provide richer soil for plants and to rejuvenate growth in the area.

The Europeans explored the land in 1769 during the Portola Expedition, where they came across the Chumash and their beautiful valley home. The Europeans penned the area the Valley of the Oaks. With the arrival of Europeans, the Chumash Indians were the focus of missionary expeditions. Missions were established throughout Southern California and the Spaniards taught Christianity to the Chumash.

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