Woodland Hills Realtors

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Woodland Hills is a highly prized community in the city of Los Angeles. It's a rarity to find such a quiet setting within the city limits of Los Angeles, but Woodland Hills manages to combine both the proximity to downtown prized by many commuters with the tree-filled oasis they yearn for. When looking for your home in Woodland Hills, a realtor that is deeply familiar with Woodland Hills will be able to assist you best.

Woodland Hills through the Ages

In 1922 a man named Victor Girard Kleinberger renamed the area, and himself, Girard. He had come to adore the land he would name after himself and had grand plans of a large community that would settle there. Girard's ambition knew no bounds, though.

He frequently would purposefully deceive prospective property owners. In an attempt to lure potential landowners, he built up the façade of a city, complete with gates and false building fronts in the hopes someone would see Girard as a blossoming community. When he did manage to get some buyers, he placed liens on their land without their knowledge so that he could pay off his debtors.

Girard did end up attracting residents and businesses. To beautify the area, he planted eucalyptus, fir, pepper and sycamore trees throughout the community. Because of Girard's beautification project, Woodland Hills today is a serene and shady oasis in the San Fernando Valley. It's because of these imported trees that the area came to be known as Woodland Hills.

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