Commercial Real Estate Listings

Written by Lori Covington
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Commercial real estate listings may read like another language to those new to commercial real estate. Listings may include lingo such as "triple net," "CAM," or "Estoppel Certificate," assuming that readers already understand the basics and can decipher the specialized language realtors learn over many years. It can be overwhelming!

Still, commercial real estate listings need not stop even a novice from investigating new properties, considering whether to build or develop existing sites, or from thinking about investing in commercial real estate. While some are decrying outsourcing as a great blight on U.S. business, others see the potential for growth in information-based and technological industries. Even pessimists have to admit: real estate is one of the most secure investment choices.

The recent recession and consequent surge in unemployment have had a definite impact on commercial real estate: listings have increased as businesses have grown, closed, or moved out of state (or out of country), making this a good time to invest in commercial property. You have to know the basic language: you also need a trustworthy professional real estate representative to guide you from selection to negotiation to completion.

Commercial Real Estate Listings: Finding a Good Interpreter

If you don't know the difference between a lien and a loan but still want to get into commercial real estate, you can start your education by contacting a broker who specializes in the type of commercial property you're looking for. Check for membership in professional organizations, and get references before committing to a broker. A good broker can help clients avoid the pitfalls (and pratfalls) of real estate while becoming educated in the basics.

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