Selling Commercial Property

Written by Lori Covington
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Interested in selling commercial property? Although you've most likely been through the buying process before, engaging in commercial real estate as a seller brings a whole new set of priorities to the table. How do you locate the potential sellers with the most to offer? How do you get a fair appraisal on your property and the price that you want?

If you're worried about selling commercial property, you may also be concerned about negotiations and requirements your buyers may attempt to impose on you. You may be wondering how to show your commercial property off to its best advantage without alienating current tenants. Finally, anyone who's selling commercial property has good reason to be concerned about the paperwork.

Unless you also happen to be a commercial property broker, it would be foolish to undertake the challenge of selling commercial property without the assistance of a licensed, knowledgeable professional. You need more than goodwill and a handshake: you need a broker.

Selling Commercial Property without Losing Your Shirt

With industrial and office space vacancies at recent highs, some commercial property owners may be panicking, tempted to sell at low prices just to get out. Commercial property brokers understand the market and are well-versed in appraising properties at their fair market value. When you hire a commercial property broker, make sure you find one whose specialty matches your venue, and listen to their expert advice on changes you can make to show your property to its best advantage--and get the best price for your property. A broker can save you money by maximizing your profits, more than compensating for the cost of his or her fees.

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