Selling Investment Property

Written by Lori Covington
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Selling investment property may be a tempting proposition when vacancy rates are high and interest rates are low. Selling investment property can result in riches if the time is right and the buyer is anxious to close. Show your investment to its best advantage: make the most of simple improvements to increase your chances of selling at a profit.

Vacancy rates may be diminished by making deals that cost you little while increasing tenancy in your properties and making them more attractive to potential buyers. Fresh paint has long been known as an affordable way to upgrade, giving you the most bang for your buck whether selling investment property or residential sites. You can cut the cost even further by doing the work yourself (provided you will do a professional-looking job: a bad paint job may look worse than an old one). Choose clear colors rather than darker or muddy ones: avoid institutional greens and beiges.

Creating an attractive first impression is also important in selling investment property. Flower and herb plantings inexpensively increase the eye-appeal of your property. Minimize costs by purchasing the plants yourself at a home hardware store and ensure their long life by researching their needs for shade, sun, and water before choosing where they will go. If you don't already have a sprinkler system, install drip lines.

Selling Investment Property with a Personal Touch

In showing, use small touches that speak to a viewer's feelings as well as their thoughts. Replacing ordinary light bulbs with bright, pinkish hues can take the dinginess out of walls and freshen complexions for just a few dollars. Pleasant scents, just as in residential property showing, can sweeten not only the air but also the attitude of prospective buyers. Don't use heavily-scented oil air fresheners which may aggravate allergies or asthma: dab vanilla or almond flavoring on light bulbs. Hold an open house with coffee and snacks. Warm cookies in the microwave to send the comforting scent of fresh baking all over the office. Use the same psychological strategies you would in selling your home to make the central location of your property (such as the main foyer or largest office) pleasant and inviting.

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