Bonita Springs Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Known as the Gateway to the Gulf, the city of Bonita Springs, Florida lies midway between Fort Myers and Naples. On the west it's bounded by sand dunes and beaches, and on the east by residential neighborhoods and farmland. Whether you're planning a visit to Bonita Springs or thinking about relocating there, it's a delightful choice!

Living in Bonita Springs

The greater Bonita Springs area, as the local Chamber of Commerce points out, is an especially strong business market. That might be just a proud civic assertion were it not backed up by Inc. magazine designating Lee County--in the middle of which Bonita Spring is nestles--one of the country's top 50 hot spots for entrepreneurs. Whether you're raising a family or looking for a community in which to settle down and enjoy the sunshine and balmy climate, Bonita Springs is worth a long hard look.

There's much more than beach, surf, and sunshine, however. Nature lovers will relish the surrounding freshwater wetlands. Outdoor enthusiasts delight in the variety of activities from kayaking to parasailing to weekend sailing cruises. Those looking for quieter ways to enjoy the balmy climate will appreciate the art galleries, museums, flea markets, and other venues.

With a population of some 32,000, Bonita Springs is one of the three big cities of Lee County (countywide population is nearly half a million), behind Cape Coral and Fort Myers. The median resident age at the 2000 census was 54. Most are well educated, with some 10 percent holding professional or graduate degrees. Convenient to Southwest Florida International Airport and Interstate 75, Bonita Springs sits in a county with all the amenities plus some, yes a lower cost of living than elsewhere in Florida and the national average.

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