Boynton Beach Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Boynton Beach real estate is an equally good choice for anyone looking for a sound investment, a wonderful place to raise a family, or a comfortable place to retire. Convenient to three major airports, Amtrak rail service, and Interstate 95, it's also ideal for visitors from any corner of the country. Just a few miles from the Atlantic, it offers a tropical climate, beautiful sandy beaches, and a host of cultural and recreational venues.

Just north of Boca Raton and just south of Palm Beach, Boynton Beach occupies nearly 16 square miles in Palm Beach County. With a population of some 65,000 and a median age of 42, Boynton Beach is ethnically diverse, educationally robust, and economically strong. It sits amidst the heart of the state's business center, a marketplace of more than six million people with easy access to the Caribbean and Latin America.

There's no question that Boynton Beach has something for just about everyone on a personal level as well! From golf and tennis, to an active civic center for seniors, to Oceanfront Park, to family and cultural activities, there's no limit to the possibilities for a lifestyle that is both active yet comfortable. There is also just as full an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment venues.

Buying Property in Boynton Beach

At the last census there were some 26,000 occupied houses in Boynton Beach, the vast majority owner occupied. Most have been built since 1960. While the median house value was $96,000 across the board, a more realistic range for a single-family home runs from perhaps $110,000 up to about $800,000. A minority run upwards of $1 million to $17 million. For townhouses and condominiums, the range begins at about $60,000, topping out at $1.65 million, but averaging perhaps $275,000.

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