Florida Home Inspection Courses

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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In order to become a licensed home inspector in the state of Florida, you must take a series of Florida home inspection courses that cover a variety of subjects including ethics, the nature of the home inspection business, and how to write a final report. There are also courses covering structural inspections; mold inspections; pool and spa inspections; roofing, heating, and plumbing inspections; and even how to market your business.

Florida Home Inspection Courses Online

If you plan to become a home inspector in Florida, there are some advantages to taking the courses in person because of the hands-on nature of the work. You can, however, find quality online programs that will fully prepare you for your new profession. Online courses are usually designed to offer a comprehensive introduction to the principles and basics of home inspection.

Some courses are intended for persons with extensive experience in the field of home construction while others are geared to those with little or no experience. The prices of these courses vary according to the depth of the material covered and the number of course hours offered. When you are considering either online courses or live classes, you should review the course lists and content before deciding which type of course is right for you.

Florida Home Inspections

Home buyers today are looking for assurance that the house they are buying is soundly constructed and that they will not be facing major repairs in the immediate future. Florida home inspection courses can prepare you to become an expert in detecting problems that new home owners want to avoid. In as little as six months, you can graduate from an accredited home inspection school and apply for your license.

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