Florida Real Estate Books

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Once you've passed the Florida real estate sales associate's exam you will want to keep what you just learned fresh in your mind as you begin your new career. One way to do this is to purchase Florida real estate books on different real estate topics that you will need to use frequently. For example, you might buy a book that will support your efforts to become a knowledgeable professional quickly.

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A guidebook for new real estate associates can help you to get off to a good start professionally and may be the tool that you use to make your first sale. Other Florida real estate books you should definitely have on your shelves include at least one book on Florida real estate principles and laws. This book may be the one you used to study for the state exam, and it should be a mainstay of your library.

Almost as soon as you have your new real estate associate's license, you should begin thinking about the required 45-hours of post-licensing study you are required to do before you can renew your license. It's a good idea to include a post-licensing textbook or guidebook among your first set of Florida real estate books. In addition to preparing you for the exam, this book can be a really great source of information on enhancing your real estate career and making the most of your efforts.

Other Books You Might Want

If you have trouble with math or any other category of real estate practice, you might want to look at a very generalized book about that topic. Select a book that focuses on individual elements of real estate so that you can look up the exact topic you need when you need it. Begin building your library as soon as you can and add to it whenever you find real estate books that cover topics of interest to you.

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