Hernando Beach Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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A very small, fairly affluent community sandwiched between Spring Hill and the coast off Highway 19, Hernando Beach lies some 38 miles north of Tampa, Florida. It enjoys the best of the beautiful Gulf beaches, a year-round temperate climate, and lush tropical vegetation. Whether you're coming in from out of state or moving from within Florida, Hernando Beach is understandably among the desirable Gulf addresses.

At the last census there were 977 occupied houses, only 66 of which were rental properties. Median house value was $139,000, but the real estate market has boomed nationwide since then, of course. Going market prices for a single-family home within the Hernando Beach zip code (34607) now run from about $300,000 up to $800,000. Working with a realtor familiar with the area is certainly your best shot at finding available properties that fit your needs, mortgage line, and wish list.

Hernando's population of only just over 2,000 is well educated, slightly older (median age 53), and largely white (95 percent). While many indeed do retire in Hernando Beach, just as many recognize how wonderful a place this strong and vibrant community is to live no matter what. The community is rich in cultural activities, restaurants, and outdoor venues. Two international airports--Tampa and St. Petersburg--are within 45 miles. Three hospitals--Oak Hill, Bayonet Point, and Springbrook--are within 11 miles.

Hernando Beach: A Naturalist's Delight

As far as day-to-day life in Hernando Beach and the surrounding region goes, it's a delight, especially for nature lovers! The Hernando County park system, for example, is impressive. With more than 20 parks on 340 acres plus 945 acres of open space, it supports a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. Waterways, of course, dominate. Salt water lovers have the entire Gulf of Mexico at their fingertips for boating, swimming, and snorkeling. Dolphins and sea turtles abound in the area.

Fresh water lovers can turn to the beautiful Weekie Watchie River for canoeing and kayaking. The Weekie Watchie is what's called a first magnitude spring in its upper reaches, meaning that it produces more than 64 million gallons of crystal-clear water every day. The river environment is freshwater in the upper river and salt marsh in the lower, with cypress, oaks, and palms predominating along the river banks. Naturalists will delight in sighting raccoons, otters, alligators, and the famous Florida manatee. Bird lovers will note--among countless other species--ibis, herons, osprey, pelicans, cormorants, and wood storks.

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