Hollywood Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Named for its more famous California cousin, Florida's Hollywood lies about 25 north of Miami. Developed on a site covered in pine trees, palmettos, and tomato farms, the city was incorporated in 1925, devastated by a hurricane in 1926, and rebuilt afterwards. The boom came after World War II, especially after 1960.

Today a mature community, Hollywood has a rich and diverse ethnic and cultural base. Its demographics are, in fact, close to national estimates for 2022. Those numbers--as forecast by Money Magazine--should work out to 68 percent white, 14 percent Hispanic, 13 percent black, and five percent Asian American. Proud of this diversity, Hollywood's downtown serves up sushi, Italian cuisine, jazz and blues, Thai and French restaurants, and a delightful mix of boutiques, ethnic shops, bistros, and sidewalk cafes.

Nestled on the coast between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, Hollywood is all at the same time a resort, a residential city, and a retirement center. With a population of nearing 150,000, a median age of 39, a dizzying elevation of 11 feet, Hollywood offers gentle Atlantic breezes, pristine beaches, and a delightful year-round climate. While the last census put the median house value at about $110,000, market prices today are somewhat higher.

Shopping Hollywood Real Estate

On a given day, for example, an MLS search for single-family homes under $1 million might yield as many as 800 properties. The range might begin at about $110,000, with the majority running under $500,000. The variety of properties, however, is wide. Your best approach, however, to finding just the neighborhood, house style, and community, is to shop real estate agents before shopping properties. A local realtor will have his or her finger on the pulse of the market, intimate knowledge of the different neighborhoods and communities, and up-to-date information on available properties.

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