Lehigh Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Just 12 miles east of Fort Myers, Lehigh Acres is a delightful community on the highest ground in Florida's Lee County--meaning about 30 feet above sea level. Planned and developed by the Lehigh Corporation, it enjoys a semitropical climate and an annual average daytime temperature of about 74° Fahrenheit. Convenient to the beautiful beaches and waterways of the Gulf coast and all the amenities of central and southern Florida, Lehigh Acres is a marvelous place to call home.

Neighborhoods range from single-family homes to condominiums to apartments and from golf course villas to townhouses. Lehigh Acres' population is equally diverse and dynamic. All in all the mix of retirees and young families makes for a well-balanced community and a strong sense of civic pride and cooperation. Residents enjoy quiet tree-lined streets, freshwater lakes, hiking and biking paths, tennis courts, and several golf courses.

Surrounded by lush vegetation, park, and Gulf breezes, Lehigh Acres is home to an 88-bed hospital, five schools, an expanding array of specialty shops, grocery markets, banks, and other community facilities. Florida Recycling takes care of local solid waste and recycling services, Florida Water takes care of water and sewage, Bal Gas/Techo Propane takes care of gas service, and both the Lee County Electrical Coop and Florida Power & Light supply electricity. Lehigh Acres is not yet incorporated.

Lehigh Property Values

At the last federal census, the median house value in Lehigh Acres was set at $79,000. Actual selling prices for single-family homes are more accurately in the range of $100,000 to $600,000. For condominiums and townhouses, the range if about $80,000 up to perhaps $180,000. The vast majority of Lehigh's 13,000 properties are owner occupied, about 10,000. Whether you're looking to buy or rent, however, you want to link up with a local realtor to make the most of your search.

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