Marco Island Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The largest of the islands off Florida's coast into the Gulf of Mexico, Marco Island was home for centuries to the Calusa until Ponce de Leon disturbed them in the early 16th century, then to no one, and only in the later 19th century settled again by William Collier and his family from Tennessee. The Great Depression took its toll shortly after that. Only in the 1960s did the island pick up its old vitality. Today home to a population of some 15,000, and as beautiful as it always has been, Marco Island ranks among Florida's more desirable locations.

Understandably a mecca for more affluent retirees, it enjoys a semitropical climate, warm sunshine year-round, pristine azure Gulf waters, lush vegetation, and a rich variety of wildlife. Outdoor enthusiasts of all ages have at their fingertips countless marinas, the Everglades, Caribbean gardens, kayaking, shell collecting, and much much more. From parasailing to golf to beach walking, there are any number of recreational activities to enjoy!

Whether you're thinking of a vacation home, retiring, or raising a family on the island, you'll want to get in touch with a local realtor at the onset. Your first step, however, is to narrow your sights on what you want--single-family home, townhouse, or condominium. Property values are high on Marco Island, with a median house value of about $300,000 at the last census. This, of course, is a statistic, not a market price.

A quick survey of MLS listings is worth while. It will certainly bring home the fact of how important it is for you to work with a realtor with an inside line on the market and available properties. A more realistic range for a condominium or townhouse, given the boom in the market in the last several years, might start at about $300,000 and top out at $15 million. On a given day you might find 300 going for less than $1 million, and perhaps 200 for more than that.

Three off-island Marco Island communities are a good starting point to getting familiar with what types of property is--potentially--available if you prefer the mainland. Eagle Creek, a gated golf and country club community, is just minutes away from Marco Island on Highway 951 toward Naples. Fiddlers Creek sits on 4,000 acres amidst golf courses, a spa, and a nature park also off 951 but closer to Naples than Marco. Lely Resort sits immediately off the island on 3,000 lush acres.

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