Marianna Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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The small town of Marianna--population 6.230--lies in the heart of the state's Panhandle in Jackson County, about as close as a Florida resident can get to Georgia and Alabama. Neither Marianna nor the Panhandle get quite the attention that southern Florida and the Gulf coast do. With a rich landscape, beautiful sandy beaches, and a temperate climate only slightly cooler than the central and southern regions of the state, the Panhandle is an especially great place to live. It's rich with potential.

Florida's Undiscovered Panhandle

Tallahassee, of course, is the state capital. It therefore is, as it should be, well known even to school children in spelling bees. Pensacola--one of naval aviation's several homes--is a familiar name to most of us. Of the smaller towns across the Panhandle, Apalachicola too has a familiar ring. It certainly takes the cake as the picturesque coastal Gulf town with a long history whose name means "friendly people."

Marianna, however, is closer to Dothan, Alabama (33 miles) and Donalsonville, Georgia (32 miles) than it is to Tallahassee. It's the largest town in Jackson County. Graceville's population is 2,400 and Sneads' is 1,900. The Panhandle of Florida is the state's undiscovered country. Largely rural, it is full of potential. Both utility rates and labor costs are lower than in other areas of the state.

With Interstate 10 spanning the Panhandle east/west, four commercial airports, and three deepwater ports, the infrastructure to support growth is in place. A number of well-known laboratories, research institutes, and universities are also in the region. A regional economic partnership, known as Opportunity Florida, is targeted at the rural counties with an eye to strengthening businesses there. Jackson is one of these. If you're looking for a delightful place to raise a family, and to make the most of a strong and growing business climate, towns like Marianna, Florida are well worth a good hard look.

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