Orange City Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Named for the thousands of surrounding acres of orange groves that were sadly destroyed in the Big Freeze of 1894-1895, Orange City sits in the heart of Florida's Volusia County. It is bordered to the west by Hontoon Island State Park, Lake Volusia, and Ocala National Forest, and to the east by Deltona and Interstate 4. Daytona Beach lies about 25 miles northeast on Interstate 4.

Incorporated in 1882, Orange City's first white settlers were Louis and Mary Ann Thursby, who came to the area in the 1850s and built a home at Blue Springs on the St. Johns River. (The Timucua Indians who had lived in the area for centuries had died out by introduced disease and war by the 1820s.) In 1874 a Dr. Seth French and several friends arrived by steamboat, bought some 5,000 acres, and established the settlement that would become Orange City eight years later.

Volusia Country's Hidden Treasure: Orange City

Today Orange City has a population of approximately 6,700 and is proud of its small-town ambiance. With a historic district on the National Register, Orange City is a full-service municipality offering excellent city and municipal services. Low taxes and low crime rates go far to making this an ideal small community. Known for its 2,700-acre Blue Spring Park--designated a manatee refuge area--and the nearby St. Johns River, Orange City remains a wonderful place to call home.

With a variety of gated communities, traditional neighborhoods, and more urban condominiums and townhouses, Orange City meets just about any lifestyle. Housing is affordable as well. Selling prices today are somewhat higher than the statistical median cited in the last federal census, of course. The range for single-family homes and condominium/townhouses begins at about $80,000 and tops out at about $500,000. A local realtor with experience in the Orange City market is the best bet to finding a house to call home in this little hidden gem of Volusia County.

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