Parkland Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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CNN Money Magazine includes Parkland among its best places to retire. The statistics this time, it would seem, do not lie. A community of some 17,000, Parkland lies just north of Coral Springs and just inland from Deerfield and Pompano Beaches and the long sweep of white Atlantic coastline.

Parkland's Many Amenities

There's no question that Parkland is a great location, whether to retire, vacation, or raise a family. Where you might expect that members of a community highly rated for retirement would be marginally older than in other communities, that's not the case in Parkland. The median age at the last census was 35. Neither are there tax breaks specific to retirees. Automobile insurance rates are marginally above the national average--though less than in the Washington, DC metro area.

Other numbers from the CNN report certainly attest to a vital, affluent, and dynamic community. Within a 30-mile radius, for example, there are some 2,500 restaurants, 200 more than the national average. Parkland also boasts three pro-sports teams within that range, 41 golf courses, 38 movie theatres, and 190 bars. Add to that seven botanical gardens or zoos or arboreta, five museums, and 17 theatrical producers. The variety of recreational and cultural opportunities is a wide one.

The population of Parkland is not only relatively young, but affluent as well. Property values are correspondingly higher. The average home price within the community was about $420,000 in 2003 dollars, decidedly higher than the national average. Yet property taxes per $1,000 amounted to only $20, lower than the national average. Of course, Florida's lack of income tax is attractive across the board, for perfectly good reason.

The bottom line of real estate in Parkland, however, is that it's a sound investment. Within easy reach of white sandy beaches, splendid Atlantic surf, and a temperate to semitropical climate, it's small wonder that houses in the community are so desirable. Whether you're thinking of a vacation property or a year-round home, you'll want to link up with a realtor sooner rather than later.

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