Pensacola Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Overlooking water in three directions, Pensacola and its 25 miles of pristine coastline sit well up on Florida's Panhandle. To the west is Perdido Bay, to the south the Gulf of Mexico, and to the east Pensacola Bay. Understandably a haven for fishing, sailing, boating, and water sport enthusiasts, Pensacola is far more than that. First put on the map by European explorers more than 400 years ago, the city and bay got their names from the Panzacola Indians who lived in the area when the first Spanish arrived in 1559.

Since then Pensacola has changed hands numerous times--from Spanish to French to English to American and, of course, from Union to Confederate and back again. Florida's oldest church (1823) still stands in Pensacola. The U.S. naval shipyard established there in 1825 led to Pensacola's important role, along with San Diego's and Hammondsport's, in the early years of naval aviation. Rich in such history and much more, Pensacola is home today to a culturally diverse and well-educated population of approximately 57,000, median age 39.4 at the last census.

Pensacola Life

The closest major cities include Mobile, Alabama (147 miles), Tallahassee (197), Jacksonville (358), and Houston, Texas (563). Closer aboard, however, are a host of amenities for residents and visitors. Attractions include, but are scarcely limited to, numerous annual music festivals, theatre productions, Blackwater River State Park, Gulf Island National Seashore, nine championship golf courses, and spectacular bird watching.

If you're relocating to the area, or thinking about doing so, whether to retire, raise a family, or have a vacation home, you want to link up with a local realtor. You'll benefit from his or her inside knowledge, no question of that. Property values in the Pensacola area were set at a median of $93,400 at the last census. Realistic market prices today, however, are higher than that. Single-family homes, for example, range from about $80,000 up to perhaps $700,00--though million-dollar properties are of course always available.

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