West Palm Beach Real Estate

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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"A veritable paradise," oil tycoon Henry Flagler called it in 1893. That aspect of West Palm Beach hasn't changed in the 100 years since then. "A stretch of the whitest of white sand, two lines of steel rails, a few acres of pineapples, a couple of houses, and scrub on every side!" was an 1894 historian's description. That, of course, has changed.

Today home to a culturally rich and ethnically diverse population of more than 80,000, the number of houses in West Palm Beach has risen from "a couple" to some 35,000. Just over half are owner occupied. With more than 40 established neighborhoods, each with its own home owner association and concerned citizen group, West Palm Beach offers strong school and health care systems, a host of cultural and recreational activities, and a proactive city government.

West Palm Beach Neighborhoods

There are 13 historic districts in the city of West Palm Beach, each reaching back more than 100 years. Belair developed around 1925 to 1935, having originally been a pineapple plantation and then a coconut grove. As a neighborhood, it was settled by tradesmen and real estate salesmen. Central Park was carved out of a tropical wilderness about 1919. Clematis Street, a commercial district, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. El Cid is noted for its Mission-style and Mediterranean Revival architecture. Flamingo Park houses cost between $10,000 and $18,000 to build--in the boom era of the early 1920s.

But West Palm Beach is more than its delightful older neighborhoods. Among the younger generation, which sprang up from the 1950s onwards, are Mango Promenade, Grandview Heights, Parker Ridge, and Echo Lake. Properties in West Palm Beach today run from about $100,000 up to $33 million. Only about 300, however, are above $1 million. The vast majority, some 1,400, fall below that. Given this marvelous range of neighborhoods, architecture, and prices, it's worth finding a savvy local real estate agent to help with the search.

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