Carlton Sheets

Written by Linda Alexander
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Carlton Sheets (actually spelled "Carleton") is world-famous for his No Down Payment real estate investing course. He has been selling it for about 20 years, with many success stories. I personally know several people who have taken the course and now own income-producing rental properties.

Carlton Sheets' program on tv is the longest running program of its kind. He is the "father" of the infomercial, and the format has been very successful for him. The company who sells the course, Professional Education Institute (PEI), was started in 1983, the same year Carlton put together his course.

PEI and Carlton Sheets

The PEI now devotes the bulk of its resources to promoting the Carlton Sheets course. However, it is dedicated to helping individuals reach their personal goals, whether for financial security or self-growth. They also offer personal coaching so customers can reach their real estate goals using the Carleton Sheets methods.

Carleton Sheets offers several other products on his website, including an insider's newsletter, videos, and a VIP kit that is a deluxe version of the No Down Payment course. He currently divides his time between investing, writing, and lecturing. He's lectured to over a half of a million people through the years and has won awards for his programs and methods.

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