Foreclosure Listings

Written by Linda Alexander
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Foreclosure listings are your key to buying foreclosure properties. Whether you want to buy a house at auction, or to buy it directly from the homeowner during the pre foreclosure period, learning to read the listings is invaluable to your business.

Reading the foreclosure listings can teach you a lot about the houses in your area, the economic conditions, and so on. Buying foreclosed houses, putting a little bit of money into them, and then selling them at market value is a great way to build wealth. But beware, it's not the get rich quick scheme that many online "gurus" would have you believe.

Where Do Foreclosure Listings Come From?

Foreclosure listings are compiled by companies from many different sources. Because foreclosures are public, the listings are fairly easy to obtain. Just do a quick search online for "foreclosure listings" and you will get thousands of sites that list homes in the foreclosure process.

Pre foreclosure listings are also abundant. When the foreclosure process is initiated, a lender will either file a Lis Pendens ("lawsuit pending") or a Notice of Default. These documents let the public know the owner is in default. If you are into investing in pre foreclosures, these are the listings you want to start with.

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