Fort Worth Foreclosure Listings

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Located just 30 miles outside of Dallas, the city of Fort Worth is often considered as part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis. Started as a military camp, and brought to life by the ranching industry, Fort Worth is its own city. Proud of its cowboy heritage, Fort Worth residents are said to be more relaxed and traditional than the more energetic and progressive citizens of Dallas.

Fort Worth is home to many national corporations, but the bulk of its job market is blue collar labor. The city is seeing modest growth and low unemployment, and overall enjoys a healthy economy. However, Forth Worth is closely tied to Dallas, both culturally and economically, and anything that impacts one will be felt in the other.

Wrangling a Home in Fort Worth

Homes in Fort Worth stand to be a low-risk investment. Prices are quite low, and appreciation is high, and the stable economy of the city makes it seem like that's unlikely to change. To make the most on your real estate investment, though, you might want to consider buying a foreclosure home.

Fort Worth foreclosure listings are available online, where websites compile foreclosure information from all lenders to come up with master lists of discount homes, by county. These listings are gathered from individual banks, the FDIC, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and Fannie Mae. When buying a foreclosure, be sure to know of any damages to the home and the cost of repairs. Texas was recently hit with a series of floods, and many foreclosure homes have significant water damage.

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