Free Bank Foreclosure Listings

Written by Linda Alexander
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Do you want free bank foreclosure listings? Believe it or not, they are readily available. You just have to know where to look.

Banks who have foreclosures are often in a hurry to liquidate the properties. Therefore, they want to get the word out to interested investors. They are eager to share the information, but often don't have the staff to handle the publicity, so you will have to go to them instead. Also, by law, lenders have to announce it to the public when they initiate the foreclosure process, so there are no secrets anyway.

Where to Find Free Bank Foreclosure Listings

You can easily find free bank foreclosure listings online. In fact, that may be your fastest source. You can obtain them directly from banks too; however, it can be tedious work because you will have to contact each individual bank. Online, there are services that will compile the lists for you.

One thing to keep in mind with free bank foreclosure listings online is that they may not be fresh. Unless you pay a monthly fee, the list owner may have no incentive to keep the lists up to date. And your foreclosure deals are only as good as the information you have.

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