Free Foreclosure Listings

Written by Linda Alexander
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Free foreclosure listings can be found on the internet, in your local newspaper, through your real estate agent, or at your county recorder's office. If you do your homework and don't mind doing a little research, free foreclosure listings are easy to find.

Free Foreclosure Listings on the Internet

There are many websites that will allow you to search their databases for free. By doing this, you can find foreclosures, and often you can buy the houses at 20-50 percent of market value! There is money to be made in buying and selling real estate.

County recorders offices often post their foreclosures online for free. It's rare that you will have to pay a fee, because they are public documents. Also, lenders do not want to repossess houses; they want their money back or they want somebody to buy the house from them. Lenders are not real estate brokers.

One other place to look for foreclosure listings is on county websites. If you don't find them on the county recorder's site, you might find them from a link off the county website, and usually for free. Foreclosure listings are easy to find--it's what you do with them later that counts.

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