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Written by Patricia Skinner
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If you're looking for a foreclosure property for sale, you'll doubtless be in search of home listings. The obvious sources of home listings are local newspapers and real estate agents. Less obvious sources are government departments that regularly dispose of foreclosed property, such as VA and HUD. Banks also put up home listings of property their in a hurry to get rid of.

The Best Home Listings

Banks are often a good source of home listings as they generally do not like to keep foreclosed property. Their business is in liquidating assets. So they're often willing to part with foreclosure properties for any amount that will cover what's owed to them plus expenses--even if it's much less than the market price! Banks are unique in this respect. Many government properties that are famous for being sold below the market price in fact get sold for above the going rate!

Nowadays the Internet can be a wonderful source of home listings, wherever you're intending to buy. Some companies specialize in home listings that they'll sell you access to. This can either be in the form of a small payment you pay each week or each month, or as a lump-sum one time payment.

Beware of one-time payments as the vendor may lose interest in you as a customer once he can no longer profit from you. Standards of service may be better from vendors who look forward to your payment at the end of each period. Like this you will ensure access to updated lists too--home listings become outdated very quickly.

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