Homes For Sale

Written by Stephanie Dula
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When starting out in the home buying process, many people look to the Internet for a lot of their information, most of which had previously only been available via the services of an agent or broker. Browsing homes for sale is now, at least initially, a simple process by which a lot of properties can be weeded out. What used to take weeks of traveling around to different home sites can now be accomplished conveniently online.

Online Property Comparison

When shopping for homes, it's important to do a comparison of similar properties in the neighborhood. Depending on the state and local jurisdiction, public records may be available online or at the local courthouse that hold details of property transactions in the area. Local appraisers can also be hired to provide a general idea of current home prices in a given neighborhood.

Making contacts in the real estate industry can be more valuable than any other kind of research. Players in the local market can provide information on foreclosure and other listings before they become available to the public. Working with a real estate professional can also mean increased access to the local MLS, which is generally not available for full public viewing.

When browsing homes for sale, it might be helpful to look at For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listings to find bargain rates. Savvy real estate investors know that a FSBO home is sometimes a last attempt by a homeowner to avoid the damaging foreclosure process. These people may not be able to afford an agent at this point, and try to sell their homes by themselves as quickly as possible to acquire money to pay off their mortgage lenders.

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