Hud Homes In California

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Although many people think of sunny beaches when they hear of California, there is much more to the state than Southern California. And while the population is mostly located within 50 miles of the coast, California's economy depends on more than just tourism. Contrary to California stereotypes, entertainment is just a part of the state's business--which is primarily comprised of agriculture. California is responsible for 14 percent of the nation's economy, and is largely a prosperous state.

California is also a very diverse state--both in terms of business and in terms of race. In the state that Hollywood millionaires share with migrant fruit pickers, housing equality would seem a difficult prospect. However, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has a strong presence in California, and it lives up to its mission to ensure fair housing for all Americans.

HUD Homes in California

Funding from HUD comes from the Federal government, which awards grants to local offices. The department works through legal advocacy, financial assistance, and actual construction of homes to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to own homes and be free from discrimination. Those represented by HUD include first-time homeowners, racial minorities, the homeless, the elderly, the disabled, and persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Homes built by HUD are sold (often with assistance) to those who qualify, and lenders provide mortgages on these homes. However, even with HUD assistance, homes can be subject to foreclosure if the mortgage becomes delinquent. In these cases, HUD reacquires the residency, and will sell it off again at auction.

Specific HUD grants and projects vary across California. Some of the more notable are projects for the homeless and people with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco, and advocacy for racial minorities in Los Angeles. If you feel you have been a victim of discrimination in housing, you should contact HUD to see if you qualify for legal assistance or reparations.

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