Hud Homes In Columbus

Written by Jared Vincenti
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At the center of Ohio sits the capital, Columbus, which is also the largest city in the state. Famed for its zoo, Columbus is mostly a white collar business town. Many companies are headquartered in Columbus, ranging from Nationwide Insurance to Victoria's Secret to Wendy's. It's a modern city in many ways, and the diversity of businesses lends economic security, since losing one company would not be disastrous to the town.

Finding Your Home in Columbus

Real estate prices in Columbus are affordable, even though the appreciation rate is a little low. The economy in Columbus is steady and the cost of living is low. The greater part of the Columbus workforce is employed in the clerical field, working for the many national and international companies that call Columbus home.

Columbus has a healthy real estate market, and HUD has a strong presence. Most recently, the city applied for grants to demolish old buildings in the public interest. This demolition would make room for new public housing, as well as removing the threat that distressed buildings pose to public health.

In addition, Ohio has received millions in assistance for first-time homeowners. All first-time homeowners are eligible for this assistance, and minority applicants may qualify for other grants as well. HUD also offers strong support to elderly and disabled persons seeking to own their homes.

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