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Written by Jared Vincenti
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The US Department of Housing and Urban Development is a branch of the Federal government designed to supervise the equality of access of housing. Its mission is to encourage homeownership, and provide assistance to minorities and the elderly when help may be needed to obtain equitable housing. Working with community-level and faith-based organizations, HUD stands for community development that is accessible to all.

Community development is not just home ownership, though. HUD also provides assistance with renting, as well as with home repairs for current properties. By working through the community, HUD ensures that American cities will develop healthily, with diversity in the communities and strong bonds between their partners.

Buying HUD Homes

While HUD's mission is to lend assistance, it is by no means charity. If a HUD home is not kept up-to-date on mortgage payment, the lender will foreclose on the loan and repossess the home. The home is then property of HUD--but HUD does not want to hold illiquid assets such as property.

When HUD repossesses a home, it is sold again as quickly as possible. There are HUD homes up for auction in nearly every state, and these are often at prices far below what any comparable property would sell for. You can see listings of HUD homes online, and even bid on them. Just go to, and look for HUD Homes by State. From there, you can see what homes are for sale, what condition they are in, and what the current price is on the property.

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