Hud Homes In Phoenix

Written by Jared Vincenti
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For those looking to escape any weather other than warm sunshine, Phoenix is the spot. As both the capital and the largest city in Arizona, it is a popular destination for both vacation and relocation. Within driving distance of the Grand Canyon and the bright lights of Las Vegas, Phoenix is a favorite city in the American Southwest.

Finding a Home in Phoenix

Phoenix is an excellent place to start looking for a real estate investment. On top of the pleasant climate, property values are currently low, but expected to rise in the near future. With the average Phoenix home selling for just $103,000--and with almost 30,000 vacant homes--it should be at the top of any real estate hunter's list. Add low property taxes, and you've got a lot of great deals waiting to be found.

Those looking for HUD homes in Phoenix will find mostly homes in good condition, although not too far below average costs. A few bargains are to be found, but with the rapid growth that Phoenix is experiencing, HUD has a minimal presence. However, Phoenix is a predominantly white city, so there may be government incentives for minority homeowners to be found.

If you do want a HUD home in Phoenix, you need to contact a HUD-authorized real estate agent. Be warned that HUD homes are sold as-is, and you need funds for repairs. These funds can be incorporated into a mortgage if damages are quoted before purchase times. Given the potential hassle in this, most home-seekers in Phoenix will buy new units.

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