Hud Homes In San Jose

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Often considered the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose is a city that seems to ride the waves of the technology industry. Home to Adobe, eBay, and IBM (among others), San Jose's prosperity depends very much on the direction of tech stocks. Also prized for its gorgeous weather and salmon spawning grounds, San Jose is a wild town to invest in.

Homes in San Jose

While San Jose was a town of 200,000 with no major freeways in 1960, the city exploded with the tech revolution in the 1980s and 1990s. Taking off almost faster than it could keep up with, the city soon faced significant congestion problems, which only eased as the tech boom died down in the early 21st century. Unemployment jumped to over eight percent, but the city seems to be recovering well from the setback.

Homes in San Jose are incredibly expensive--roughly four times the cost of real estate in other cities. The upside of this is that San Jose property accumulates value at the highest rate of any city in the nation. A steep investment that may pay off big, San Jose homes are a gamble--for their value will depend on the state of the software and technology industry.

San Jose doesn't have any special projects going on with HUD, as most of its population is very well-off financially. Still, foreclosure investments aplenty will be found here, as the uncertain job market can quickly leave someone unable to pay off a mortgage. Savvy hunting should find a reasonably priced home in San Jose, and a little luck could show a huge turnover on the investment.

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