Hud Houses

Written by Patricia Skinner
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HUD houses, or those that were originally brought on a Federal Housing and Development loan, are called HUD because they come under the Federal Housing and Urban Development department. A list of foreclosed HUD houses can be obtained from your local real estate agent or online in most areas. Because HUD is a Federal program, it is available all over the United States.

If you look around, you can buy some real bargains through foreclosed HUD houses. Just one word of caution though: check on the going price of similar houses in the area before you make a bid because sometimes Federal foreclosures actually go for more than the going rate.

You Can Get Great Deals With HUD Houses

Often HUD houses are sold by closed auction, which means that you make a bid and put it in a sealed envelope. The highest bidder wins, but you won't know until a couple of days after bidding. Before you consider going through the process of buying HUD houses, take a few buying tips.

Get yourself pre-approved by a lender so you know how big a mortgage you can afford, and find yourself a really good real estate agent who has experience of HUD houses. Then you are ready to start looking. First, drive around and look at the HUD houses from outside. You only need to arrange to see the ones you really like. When you pick a house, you're ready to go. Make your bid and hope for the best! Good luck!

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