Iras And Real Estate

Written by Genevieve Hawkins
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There are so many laws involving the usage of IRAs(Individual Retirement Accounts) that many individuals who have them don't look into the ways they can be used. Although the laws are trickier in relation to using retirement funds for real estate investments, it is still possible. With careful investigation, it may be profitable and legal to do so.

Investing with IRAs

Before beginning, it is best to understand the system that emerged and why the laws are what they are. Individual Retirement Accounts came about when persons or businesses started setting aside money for the retirement of the individual. Because this money was (much like federally mandated social security) only for retirement, certain restrictions had to be put in place on withdrawing money before this life event. Furthermore, many laws are in place to keep individuals from losing their money before they even reach the age of retirement.

The government allows people to set aside money for retirement under certain conditions, including when the person is under 70 years old, invests less than two thousand a year, and when the trustee of the money is an IRS-approved bank or credit union. Also, the money cannot be used to pay for real estate for personal residence, but it can be used for rental and resale property--usually. As always, the individual laws can be tricky, so it is best to refer to an expert on the subject.

It's amazing to many people with IRAs that the money may be invested in anything other than a bank. With careful investigation, there is an option for a much greater return on your retirement funds. It just may take a little work to find it.

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