Los Angeles Foreclosure Listings

Written by Jared Vincenti
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The most ethnically diverse city in the world, Los Angeles is now the largest port of entry for immigrants to the United States. With a population of about 4 million in the city proper and 17 million in the metropolitan areas, it is one of the largest cities in the world. The home to the United States' entertainment industry, LA is the source of most American cinema, television, and music.

Thanks in part to the entertainment industry, Los Angeles has a steady economy. Despite the migration of many filmmakers to Chicago, New York, and Canada, LA's economy has yet to feel any kind of slowdown. The city's population continues to rise, and the economy looks to keep growing as well.

Buying Property in Los Angeles

Real estate, like much else in LA, is quite expensive. The city has a high standard of living, and LA homes cost just under twice the national average. High city taxes make living in LA even more expensive, but the very high appreciation rate on LA property makes it a good investment for those who can afford it.

A savvy buyer will look to foreclosure properties when buying in the city. Los Angeles foreclosure listings are available online from businesses that compile foreclosure listings from all lenders. These lenders have repossessed property when the buyer defaulted on the mortgage, and are looking to sell it off as quickly as possible. While some of these foreclosures are older homes, many are quite new.

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