Pre Foreclosure Lists

Written by Dallas Smith
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Pre foreclosure lists can provide potential home buyers with a wealth of information about properties that are guaranteed to represent great deals for the buyer. It's surprising that more home buyers don't take advantage of this information, but it's usually a case of not knowing that this information is available in the first place. However, there are many resources available online that can provide buyers with extensive information about pre foreclosure properties.

Having access to this information as you search for a home is like having your hands on a virtual gold mine of excellent rates. Not surprisingly, it's information that you're rarely going to get if you're not specifically looking for it. On the other hand, just being aware of this process, and how it can save you a considerable amount of money, is a step in the right direction.

Getting Access to Quality Pre Foreclosure Lists

With access to a quality pre foreclosure list, you'll have information about hundreds, if not thousands of homes on which the current owners are in default. In this stage of the foreclosure process, you can take advantage of rates sometimes up to forty percent under market value, and you'll have a chance to help out the current owner in the process. Specifically, the owner can often avoid mortgage debt and can also avoid receiving a foreclosure mark on his or her credit report.

In that sense, getting access to pre foreclosure lists offers a win-win situation for both you, the buyer, and for the current home owner. Fortunately, with some committed online research, you're guaranteed to find a number of excellent sites providing foreclosure real estate information. Look for a site that can give you access to properties nationwide, and that can provide you with valuable foreclosure resources, and you can be confident that you've got your hands on a great service for finding your perfect home.

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