Probate Houses

Written by Linda Alexander
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Probate houses are a closely guarded and little understood investment opportunity. Essentially, probate is a legal course of action that gives creditors a last chance to get what was owed to them from a person who died before their property was passed to heirs. In addition to paying probate fees, the estate may have to pay creditors as well. This could lead to a forced sale.

The best way to find probate houses is to befriend a probate attorney. Let them know that you have cash ready for any good deals. Attorneys cannot buy the properties themselves but will look good to the court if they can sell properties quickly.

How to Find Sales of Probate Houses
Sales of probate houses are usually buried in the legal notices in newspapers. You can also check the courthouse and legal papers often to find out when new cases are opened. But again, developing a relationship with a probate attorney is a quicker way to good deals.

While each state has different laws, all have timelines which must be adhered to. This is a great benefit to you as an investor. When an heir is ready for a quick sale of probate houses, you will be ready with an offer.

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