Real Estate Investors

Written by Linda Alexander
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Real estate investors need sales and negotiating skills. Not having the skills may mean the difference between being unsuccessful and making millions. Why? Because people respond well to people who know how to talk to them.

Phrasing your questions and comments properly matters greatly. How you ask a question can put somebody on the defense, or it may make them comfortable enough to open up to you. This involves more than just asking open-ended questions.

Real Estate Investors and People Skills

For real estate investors looking to enhance their people skills, you might consider taking a course in improving sales and negotiation techniques. Read books by heavy-hitters such as Zig Ziglar and Tom Hopkins. Other top salespeople have also written books that will help you.

You can also find resources online, such as articles, seminars, and discussion forums where you might be able to pick up some tips. Education can take you far, so learn all you can. If you think gaining real estate knowledge is the only thing successful real estate investors do correctly, you have a lot to learn!

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