San Diego Discount Realty

Written by Jared Vincenti
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San Diego is famous for having the most reliably pleasant weather, year-round, of any city in the United States. This Southern California city has beaches, the mountains, and sees temperatures in the low 70s almost every day. In addition, San Diego is a popular tourist destination, with Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, and Old Town being just a few of its top attractions.

Looking for Homes in San Diego

San Diego is a large and expensive city. With a significant Latino population, San Diego is also a very diverse town with strong Hispanic roots. At close to a million and a half residents, San Diego is still growing. Still, homes in San Diego cost about twice the national average--but they also quickly rise in value.

This makes San Diego real estate a great investment for those who can afford it. The city is booming, and shows no signs of stopping. Supported by strong tourism and a large US military presence, San Diego's growth is unlikely to drop off as many boom towns do. And given the remarkable rate of appreciation (about 17 percent), a home in San Diego is sure to pay for itself.

With an economy this strong, HUD has a minimal presence in San Diego. There have been some beautiful multi-family complexes built recently, and HUD's standard services are to be found. Foreclosure investments are still available, though, and a San Diego realtor can help you find one within your price range.

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