Seattle Foreclosure Listings

Written by Jared Vincenti
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Famed for its iconic Space Needle and for the grunge rock movement in the 1990s, Seattle is a busy port city. Although much of its shipbuilding business is now defunct, Seattle's blue collar industries were the site of the first general strike in the US. This has been a general pattern in Seattle--an industry will boom, bust, and be replaced within a few generations.

Seattle's most recent boom was centered around Microsoft in the late 1990s, but this boom is over and the city is now seeing little growth. Seattle is far from a recession, though, as many of the technology workers have been able to put their skills to work in related fields. The boom is clearly over, but unemployment is still low, and it seems the city is waiting for the next big thing.

Homes in Seattle

The job market in Seattle is, like the rest of the city, in a small lull. Prices are slightly high, and appreciation rates are low, so it would seem an unfavorable market in which to invest. However, given the city's history of booms, it could be part of a valuable long-term plan. If you buy in a lull, you can sell in a boom and easily make back your investment and then some.

To make the most on your investment in Seattle, you might consider buying a foreclosure. If a person cannot keep up with his or her mortgage, the lender will reclaim the home and sell it to a new buyer. To see a list of all homes currently for sale as foreclosures, you can find online foreclosure listings. These sites compile data from the FDIC and other lenders, and represent lists of available properties by county and state.

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