Stop Tax Foreclosure

Written by Jill Morrison
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If you desire to stop Tax Foreclosure, a few options are available. The property can be sold in the Pre Foreclosure period. Then all debt and Foreclosure will be removed from your record.

Stop Tax Foreclosure With an Investment

If you are a buyer, you can stop Tax Foreclosure by purchasing homes "free and clear" at an auction for a tax defaulted deed. The home is sold to recover delinquent costs and taxes. You can save up to 50% when you purchase a "free and clear" home.

Tax Foreclosure land can be purchased for a discount of up to 90%. In some states, you have the option to buy tax defaulted property over the counter or by mail. You can get quite a bargain when you stop Tax Foreclosure by purchasing Tax Foreclosure land.

By using Tax Lien Certificates, a buyer may earn up to 25% on the investment. Tax Lien certificates are sold to investors at auctions by local taxing districts. They are delinquent taxes and are sold in many states. After obtaining, investors can then operate with most of their tax money.

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