Fulton County Real Estate

Written by Courtney Salinas
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Fulton County's name is commonly attributed to an inventor named Robert Fulton. He built a steamboat called the Clermont and piloted it up the Hudson River in 1805. But recent research indicates that Hamilton Fulton is actually the namesake of this county. This Fulton was a Western and Atlantic Railroad surveyor.

Fulton County is home to many picturesque small towns such as Roswell and Alpharetta, which both have quaint downtown areas and lots of history. It is also home to the ever-expanding Atlanta, which has become a cultural hub of the United States.

Homes in smaller towns around Atlanta usually have lots of amenities and space for less money than a home in town. Homes in Atlanta tend to be smaller, more expensive and older, yet they have the advantages of a shorter commute time and are located in the center of the action of the city. There are so many different options for people looking to live in Fulton County--the sky really is the limit.

Choosing Your New Home

Before settling on a home anywhere, always thoroughly inspect the home in good light. Mold is a concern of many home buyers. Although most of us have built up immunity to mold over the years, small children, the elderly, and people with allergies or asthma may not have these antibodies in their systems. Have a mold inspection done on any houses you're seriously considering purchasing. Your real estate agent may have already had a mold inspection done--be sure to inquire.

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